The Artia App

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The ARTIA App (Apple or Android), available for iOS and Android, provides Medicaid P&T and DUR meeting information and market share data for every state.

Personal Assistant

Consider this your personal assistant—no more filing through Excel spreadsheets and various websites to find your state’s meetings and agendas. Your prioritized information is organized and available to you in the most convenient location—your phone.

Everything you need

It’s customizable. In your personal account, you can set your priority states, select the event type and sort by your drug class. You can also track fee-for-service market share data for your product’s market baskets. Market share data can be viewed in easy-to-digest graph and list form.

It’s actively updated. Your drug and category and meeting reviews are tracked by PharmDs each day, ensuring you will receive the right information at the right time. If your drug is up for review, the meeting is highlighted for quick accessibility.

It’s transferable. Prefer your meeting information or market share data in PDF format? Need to email the agenda to your colleagues or add it to your own calendar? With one click, it’s done.

It’s necessary. The ARTIA App significantly reduces manual time spent tracking down state’s meetings and agendas, opening up your schedule for your most important tasks.

Ready for a complimentary demo? Reach out to Greg at or 850.222.8456 to see Artia’s technology in action.

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What Our Customers Think

"The ARTIA App is best in its class. The app’s ease of navigation, combined with its customizable option to view priority states and agendas with the click of a button, makes this app a must-have for all account managers."

– Jane Stephen, Senior Regional Healthcare Policy Executive at Allergan.