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Our custom-built technology and curated tools assist our clients in effectively forecasting access upon launch, understanding coverage landscapes, and monitoring their products post-launch.

The App
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The App

A Must-Have for Medicaid Account Managers

The Artia App, available for iOS and Android, provides Medicaid P&T and DUR meeting information and market share data for every state. Here's why it's necessary for manufacturers:

It’s custom. In your personal account, you can set your priority states, select the event type, and sort by your drug class. You can also track Fee-For-Service market share data for your product’s market baskets. Market share data can also be viewed in graph and list form, and the market share report now includes FFS, Managed Medicaid, State Controlled Utilization, and Total Utilization information.

It’s automatic. The Artia App now includes a notes function. If your class is up for review, it automatically pre-fills PDL status and market share data of each product in the class. You can note and track in real time if the PDL status changes. It also auto-populates all committee members, so you can track attendance. The notes can be saved and shared as a PDF file.

It notifies you in real-time. Your drug and category and meeting reviews are tracked by our team of PharmDs each day, ensuring you’ll receive the right information at the right time. If your drug or drug class is added to a P&T or DUR meeting and/or is up for review, the meeting is highlighted for quick accessibility. You’ll also receive a push, email, or text notification. There is also a new Alerts tab, which contains a historical view of all past push notifications.

The data is transferable. Prefer your meeting information or market share data in PDF format? Need to email the agenda to your colleagues or add it to your own calendar? With one click, it’s done.

It’s a time saver. The Artia App significantly reduces manual time spent tracking down state’s meetings and agendas, opening up your schedule for your most important tasks.

Did You Know

The Artia App gained attention from Pharmacy Times and named Greg Kitchens as a finalist for the 2015 Technology Innovator of the Year.

The Atlas
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The Atlas

Industry-Leading Online Portal

The Atlas is our comprehensive, industry-leading online portal containing all necessary components for Medicaid drug coverage monitoring. Our clients’ drugs and classes are tracked daily by PharmDs, providing updates to PDL status, review dates, and PA requirements.

While the Artia App is ideal for accessing meeting information on-the-go, the Atlas is a customized way to view the status and progress of each drug that we are tracking in each respective state.

Our clients’ data can be sorted by purchasing pool and priority states, and all information is sortable, printable, able to be exported to Microsoft Excel, and can be tracked in real-time. Plus, we provide our clients with updates via email notifications whenever an update occurs. Our clients can easily login to their portal, view updated changes, review drug statuses, and stay up-to-speed on where their drugs are in the bidding and review process.

The Atlas also includes preferred positioning, PA requirements, clinical and bid vendors, PDL links and much more.

The Alerts
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The Alerts

Stay in the Loop

The Alerts is our daily email that notifies our clients of changes and updates from FFS and Managed Medicaid pharmacy websites, such as new PDLs, new fee schedules, new P&T/DUR agenda postings, PAs and more. In addition, relevant state news will include commentary from our team. We also provide a weekly Medicaid in the News alert email, which features a summary and commentary on news articles related to Medicaid.

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Ahead of the Curve

Advantage+ guides our clients through the complicated world of legislative issues and changes related to their drugs in Medicaid. There is no other resource in the industry that specifically focuses on federal and state Medicaid legislation and policy. We study the latest policies in order to provide our clients with the most timely and relevant information. Here's what to expect from Advantage+:

Monthly Newsletter. Our monthly email newsletter features a deep-dive analysis of a timely topic with a specific focus on Medicaid and drug manufacturers. The newsletter also includes state legislative updates, a calendar for drug price reporting, and debriefs on important news articles.

Monthly Call. We host a monthly call with Advantage+ subscribers on the third Tuesday of every month to review timely topics and to discuss any questions. This meeting is also recorded, and slides are provided post-call.

Legislative Tracker. We've made it easy to view the most up-to-date legislation in each state with our interactive Legislative Tracker. Clients can select any state to sort by last action, bill number, and intro date.

Exclusive Webinars. Clients receive access to our library of webinars related to legislation and policy (such as Medi-Cal, NY FY 2021 Budget, etc.), as well as access to all upcoming live webinars and on-demand webinars.

One-on-One Calls. Alongside the monthly calls, we also offer the chance for our clients to connect with any of our team members for additional guidance.

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